The joy of ear cleaning

It's relaxing, stress relieving and refreshing. “intercourse for your ear”.

Traditionally performed in Asia, ear cleaning is a very intimate process and feels extremely pleasant and stimulating.

People who experienced the sensation of having their ears cleaning during a trip to Japan, Thailand or Vietnam describe it as “Amazing”, “Incredibly Soothing” and “Extremely Relaxing”. It has been said that the procedure is like “intercourse for your ear”.

Why ear cleaning?


Deeply rooted in the history of most Asian countries, the act of ear cleaning is one of care, relaxation, closeness and pleasure.

I often wonder why western cultures pay such little attention to ear cleaning?

The joyful cleaning and stimulation of this important sense organ, beyond the occasional cotton swab, is neglected by most westerners. Most likely you are even scared by the thought of ear cleaning and the tools associated with it. You don’t know what a wonderful and pleasant experience you miss out on.

I often wonder why western cultures pay such little attention to ear cleaning?

Besides of the physical benefit of clean healthy ears and better blood circulation the procedure provides a great relaxing feeling that reduces stress. It’s because all the nerves in your ear are connected to internal organs of your body.

Now those Asian ear cleaning tools used are finally available to western countries. I hope you enjoy this, it is one of the most wonderful experiences if you never had a slow relaxing cleaning. Share it with the ones you love!

What is ear cleaning?

Basically it's the removal of excessive earwax and the dirt that accumulated in it. As we get older there is also the unsightly hair we tend to grow. The shaver in the tool set is perfect for ear hair removal.

The human ear consists of many parts, most of them are neglected and rarely ever touched and cleaned. A regular cleaning not only keep your ears healthy, but also stimulates the bodies blood circulation, as lots of nerves are connected on your ear.

What is ear wax

Ear wax is the yellowish glands secretion in our external ear. Depending on the race, diet and environment the ear wax (cerumen) can range from very soft, flaky to hard.

Why and when is ear cleaning needed?

Ideally a well balanced diet, chewing it well and plenty of exercise expels excessive ear wax and dirt buildup naturally. Most of us don't maintain such a lifestyle due to our busy jobs and changing metabolism.
To keep your ears healthy take some time on a regular basis and experience the relaxing pleasure of having your ears cleaned the Asian way.


Why does ear cleaning feel so good?

As a sense organ the ear has a lot of nerve endings that are connected to other parts of our body, particularly internal organs. The stimulation to touch is therefore exciting and relaxing as well due to the fact that one will not move during the cleaning.

You can't ever imagine how absolutely wonderful ear cleaning feels like until you try it yourself.

Start your experience now!

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