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How to Clean Your Ears

A Comprehensive Guide to Take Care of Your Ears

Man with clean ears

How to clean ears? I’m often asked. Besides of cleaning ear wax, taking care of ears include trimming your ear hair, massaging pressure points in your ears and keeping them healthy. As a sense organ your ears have a lot of nerve endings connecting to other parts of your body, particularly internal organs. Yet, most of us are not doing anything to this important body part. This comprehensive guide helps you to take better care of your ears, thus your body, plus a practical comparison of all ear wax removal home remedies.

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How to Relax Eyelids and Eyes
How to Relax Eyelids

Eyelid massage is the most unexpected, yet incredible feeling that I have ever experienced. It’s definitely the best way to relax your eyelids and refresh your eyes. The feelings is impossible to describe with words, but I will do my best. In this article, you will find:

  1. Eyelid Massage Video
  2. What is Eyelid Massage – How to Relax Your Eyelids with Myearpick Ball Head Tool
  3. Eyelid Massage Benefits
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sustainable living inspirations
Cambodian house

I moved to Cambodia in November 2018. Since then I’ve been amazed every day. Khmer have the capability of making the most out of nearly nothing. You can find sustainable living inspirations in every part of their lives.

Until very recent years, 1990s to early 2000s, Cambodians were still living in a catastrophic situation. Khmer Rouge civil war and then fighting against Vietnam. Most people lost everything they had, including their families. To make a living and survive, they had to manage with natural resources only.

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Foot Bath for Holistic Living
Foot Bath for Holistic Living

The hardest thing about holidays is getting back to work, isn’t it? Physically and emotionally. I have a simple tip to get you ready for work – foot bath with salt water. If you are new to the holistic living concept, then you can start with this simple method.

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Myearpick Customers’ Stories

Asian ear cleaning
Jin – Ambassador of Asian ear cleaning

We hear many amazing ear cleaning experience and interesting stories from our customers. Most of them switched from a lifetime use of cotton-swabs to earpick tools. Lot of funny stories because the feeling is so new and exciting.

Besides of ear wax removal, ear cleaning also has many holistic benefits. The process is extremely relaxing and intimate, if you have another person do it for you.

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