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Ear Cleaning in Vietnam – More Than Removing Ear Wax

Ear cleaning in Vietnam
Ear cleaning in Vietnam

Ear cleaning in Vietnam is like a manicure, pedicure or foot massage. It’s a traditional way to pamper yourself, get relaxed and unload stress.

Besides removing ear wax, Vietnamese ear cleaning also includes trimming ear hair and massaging ear points. There is probably no better way to express love other than giving someone an ear cleaning, because it requires caring, patience and the desire to comfort the other person.

Usually people do it at home for their loved ones. Otherwise most local barber shops offer ear cleaning services too. Here is a short ear cleaning video from a Vietnamese barber shop.

Before you make any judgements or conclusions, watch the video and read on.

Ear Cleaning Vietnamese Barber Video

Bring Your Own Ear Cleaning Tools

An ear cleaning session is like a sensational symphony, a good ear cleaning kit is like a reliable orchestra.

For sanitary reason you should always bring your own ear cleaning kit.

Just like you keep your own bottle at your bar, you keep your kit at your barber if you go there routinely.

The green boxes on the right side shelf: Every customer keeps his or her own ear cleaning kit at barber.

Each time before and after ear cleaning, your barber cleans your tools with alcohol.

The Down Puff should be replaced after 3-5 times of use.

A Process of Complete Relaxation

Trim Ear Hair

The first step is using the foldable shaver to trim ear hair and keep things neat.

You will be surprised how much hair, long hair, you have on your ears. There is no need to shave bare, just trim them down to retain a sophisticated image.

The amazing part of this step is the sound of trimming ear hair. Like whispering, it has some sort of ASMR effects, unloading your tension and calming you down instantly.

Remove Ear Wax

In the video, the barber used the Earpick, Wire Loop, Feather Blade and Tweezer to remove ear wax. According to your ear wax conditions, soft, hard, packed or loose, you can rotate those tools.

The basic concept is to loosen or break up the wax, then spoon or pick it out. If you have large debris in your ear, you can also use the Excavator to grab and get out large pieces.

Always ask for feedback “How do you feel?” “Is this comfortable?” and adjust your moves accordingly. Even the conversation itself creates intimacy.

Massage Ear Pressure

Last, use the Down Puff to sweep your ear’s surfaces. The feeling of the Down Puff rotating in your ears is truly sensational, that’s why people call it “eargasm”.

If you have some extra time, it feels even better massaging the many ear points with the Ball Head. Making fine circular motions around the back of your ear, lobe and curves stimulates the nerve endings connecting to each part of your body. This gentles down anybody within minutes.

Videos and step by step guide of massaging ear points will come shortly, so don’t forget to subscribe to Myearpick Youtube channel.

Fold the ear lobe and gently tap the back of your finger. This sets everything in balance and concludes the ear cleaning session.

Ready for Vietnamese Ear Cleaning?

Get the handmade ear cleaning tool set here.

This video is a short version of ear cleaning in Vietnam. Want to see the complete process? Leave a comment below. Will upload the uncut version if enough people are interested.

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