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How to Relax Eyelids – Eyelid Massage Video

How to Relax Eyelids and Eyes
How to Relax Eyelids

Eyelid massage is the most unexpected, yet incredible feeling that I have ever experienced. It’s definitely the best way to relax your eyelids and refresh your eyes. The feelings is impossible to describe with words, but I will do my best. In this article, you will find:

  1. Eyelid Massage Video
  2. What is Eyelid Massage – How to Relax Your Eyelids with Myearpick Ball Head Tool
  3. Eyelid Massage Benefits

Eyelid Massage Video

How to Massage Your Eyelids? Eye Massage ASMR Vietnam

This video was recorded in Vietnam, where eyelid massage and ear cleaning are regular self-care routines for men and women.

In Vietnam, usually hair salons provide such services. At home, mothers do that for their kids and partners for each other.

It may look a bit scary from the video, but the feeling is truly amazing, which I will tell you more later.

What is Eyelid Massage?

How to Relax Your Eyelids with Myearpick Ball Head Tool

Ear and Eyelid Massage Tool Ball Head
Ear and Eyelid Massage Tool: Ball Head

Myearpick Ball Head is the dedicated ear and eyelid massage tool. Eyelid massage has 4 simple steps:

  1. Cover eyes with clean moist warm towel for a few minutes to calm down eyes and mind.
  2. Gently lift upper eyelid and flip it up, so that the upper eyelid line faces upwards.
  3. Lubricate the eye with Eye Drops.
  4. Use the Ball Head tool to massage around the eyelid lines. From inner to outer corner, from upper to lower eyelid. Back and forth.

A few tips for massaging your eyelids.

  • Make sure you do this in a bright and quiet environment. No kid or pet around.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Massage with warm hands.
  • Always ask for feedback and adjust your movements accordingly.
  • Start with 5 minutes and up to 10 minutes per eye.
  • Clean the Ball Head tool before and after each use.
  • Every person should have his /her own tool. NEVER share the tool.

We will upload detailed step-by-step eyelid massage video soon, so don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Eyelid Massage Benefits

In the beginning of the eyelid massage, you may feel a bit ticklish while the Ball Head is moving around on your eyelids. But you get used to it quickly. Then you will feel calm and relaxed, both your eyes and head. Every time after the eyelid massage, I feel like having a new pair of eyes.

The eyelid massage provides many benefits to you:

  • Relaxes your eyelids, reduces strain and tension on your eyes by stimulating the blood circulation around your eyes.
  • Improves concentration with refreshed eyes and mind.
  • The tears generated by massaging eyelids relieve dry and itchy eyes.
  • Reduces light sensitivity.

Leave me a comment what you want to know about eyelid massage. Or get the Ball Head tool and try it yourself.

Notes: The above article does NOT indicate any medical advice.

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  • yerdem March 23, 2019, 04:06

    Amazing video and detailed how-to post thanks and i want more eyelid massage vids 😀

    • Jin March 23, 2019, 07:59

      Thanks yerdem, we are working on it and more are coming.

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