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Sustainable Living

If you have visited Cambodia, then you know that the infrastructure here is poorly equipped. I’m not talking about cable TV or Internet, in fact Internet is actually not bad. Things like water and sewage system, garbage collecting and processing system are not well established.

Many tourist destinations have big signs of “No Plastic”. All the hotels and restaurants have signs “Don’t flush any paper into the toilet”.

With more and more people from richer countries pouring into Cambodia to invest, to do business. It opened local people’s eyes.

At the same time, it made them want more and more things. Things are not necessarily good for them and most likely not good for the environment. Like Pepsi, McDonald’s, StarBucks, Dove… all plastic rich food, beverages and consumer goods. Remember they used to wrap food with banana or palm tree leafs, drink coconut juice and eat fruits as snacks.

It got me think “we need to do something to change our life habits, consumption mindset fundamentally.” So I start to research and experiment sustainable solutions, home remedies and products. Here is the journey.

I’d also love to hear your stories, thoughts and tips on sustainable living.