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Bond Intimacy

For better relationships with people you care

What does ear cleaning feel like? That’s one of the most asked questions. It’s stimulating, relaxing, also extremely bonding, as it’s a process of caring and patience.

No matter with friends, family members or your significant other, intimacy requires you to initiate the conversation, be compassion with and willing to listen to the other person. However nowadays, those things seem missing in our busy, stressful and mobile-centered life.

What does ear cleaning feel like? It feels like you:

care about each other
touch and comfort each other
listen to each other
are in a quiet and calming place together
are closer to each other
Of course, there are many more things can bond intimacy, can enhance a relationship. I’m not a relationship master, but I’d like to share with you my thoughts, especially things I learned from ear cleaning.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts and tips on bonding intimacy.