Myearpick Ear Cleaning Tool Set with Roll Case

Asian ear cleaning tool set with Roll Case

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Earpick Tool Set, 9-Piece

  • Handmade in Vietnam
  • Eco friendly
  • Materials: stainless steel, wooden handle
  • Natural oil finish, rustproof
  • Wooden handle finish differs with grain variations
  • Lifelong use with proper care*

*The Down Puff requires regular replacement.

Tool Set includes:


This Ear Cleaning Tool Set, commonly used in Asia, contains all the tools to remove ear wax, clean ears and stimulate blood circulation of your body. The tools are extremely relaxing and refreshing in the hand of a caring person.

  • Out of sanitary reasons we recommend one set per person, hence the name Myearpick.
  • Clean the tools each time after use.
  • Use in a quiet environment.
  • Don't use them on pets or infants.


10 piece Earpick Tools in Roll Case

Roll Case, fully stocked with tools, blades and tweezer.

Ethnic Chinese Earpick Tool Roll Case versions

Roll Case versions “Ethnic Chinese” and “Thai”.

Roll Case

  • Handmade in Cambodia, paying fair wages.
  • Indigo hand dyed cotton strap and wrapping string.
  • Each roll case is unique in color and weaving pattern.
  • Materials: Linen and/or cotton, nylon lining, wood bead.
  • 8 loops to secure all tools including razor blades.
  • Loop diameter: 6x 6mm and 2x 8mm
  • Open size: w 23cm by h 22cm (9.1in by 8.7in)

The perfect travel and home storage case for the ear cleaning tools. This is a one-of-a-kind roll case because the cover fabric is handwoven by people who believe in old traditions. I personally select them in China and South East Asia.

Foldable cotton strap fasten the roll case tightly, prevent the tools from falling out. Easy to store and carry around.

This set is also a perfect gift for anyone you love and would like to bond or share intimate moments with. Purchase the Ear Cleaning Tool Set