How to Clean Your Ears at Home

In Asia, ear cleaning is like massage, people get it when they feel tired, stressed or just not in a good mood, as well as when their ears feel blocked up. The stimulating touches and soothing sounds can unload your stress and tention completely — refresh not only your ears but also your mind.

Here are some tips on how to safely clean ears at home and what-not-to-do.

Get Familiar with Your Ear Pick Tools

The Asian way of ear cleaning is more than a home remedy, as such it requires patience and care.
No need of damp cloth, earwax softener or syringe. Here is the difference between all those ear wax removal methods.

Safe Ways to Remove Earwax at Home

The Asian ear cleaning process deeply bounds two persons together. My mum used to do it for me, now I do it for my kids, husband and my parents. Trust me, you will love both receiving and giving the cleaning.

The tools are made of wood and stainless steel. It's highly recommended that every person should use his or her own set only to avoid hygiene issues. Always clean them before and after each cleaning session.

Here is a step by step guide of ear cleaning with Myearpick tools.

Avoid Ear Wax Impaction

Same as cotton swabs, small items, like bobby pins, napkin corners or your fingers, may push the wax deep into the ear canal. Once ear wax builds up, it can become impacted.

If a blockage develops, you should go to a doctor and treat it in time.

Symtoms of earwax blockage include:

If you frequently use earbuds, headphones or hearing aids, you might be more likely to develop an impaction. Also important is to keep those devices clean.

Protect your ears

Beyond ear cleaning, here are a few tips to protect your ears and ensure good hearing for years to come:

You Need Ear Cleaning

More than heathy clean ears. Elicit moans of ecstasy.

Asian ear cleaning

Extremely Pleasant & Intimate

The stimulation of touching is so exciting and relaxing.

Why it feels so amazing

Ear Cleaning Methods

Compare 5 different ear wax removal methods.

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