The joy of ear cleaning

Deeply rooted in the history of most Asian countries, ear cleaning is relaxing, stress relieving and stimulating. It's a caring, bonding and intimate process.

People who experienced the sensation of ear cleaning during a trip to Japan, Thailand or Vietnam describe it as “Pleasant”, “Incredibly Soothing” and “Extremely Refreshing”. It's like “intercourse for your ear”.

Why do you need to clean ears regularly?


Basically to remove excessive earwax and the dirt that accumulated in it. Ear wax is the yellowish glands secretion in our external ear. Depending on the race, diet and environment the ear wax (cerumen) can range from very soft, flaky to hard.

Ideally a well-balanced diet, chewing it well and plenty of exercise expels excessive ear wax and dirt buildup naturally. However most of us don't keep up such a lifestyle due to our busy jobs and changing metabolism.

As we get older there is also the unsightly hair we tend to grow. The shaver in the tool set is perfect for ear hair removal.

To keep your ears healthy, take some time and experience the pleasure of having your ears cleaned the Asian way.

What is Asian ear cleaning?


Besides of clean healthy ears and stimulating your body's blood circulation, Asian ear cleaning provides an amazing feeling that reduces stress, we call it "eargasm". That's because as a sense organ your ears have a lot of nerve endings connecting to other parts of your body, particularly internal organs.

I often wonder why the joyful cleaning and stimulation of this important sense organ, beyond the occasional cotton swab, is neglected by most westerners. You have no idea what a wonderful and pleasant experience you are missing out on.

Now I'm bringing you the traditional Asian ear cleaning tools and hope you enjoy the most wonderful experiences. Share it with the ones you love!

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