The Joy of Asian Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is deeply rooted in the history of most Asian countries, besides healthy ears, it provides an amazing feeling and reduces stress.

We use a set of ear cleaning tools to remove ear wax, trim ear hair and massage the outer ear.

When I grew up, I used to lay in my mum's lap while she was cleaning my ears. Now I do it for my kids, husband and parents. It's a caring, bonding and intimate process.

People clean ears periodically to remove buildup and because it feels good. The stimulating touches and soothing sounds can unload your stress and tension completely - refresh not only your ears but also your mind.

Asian ear cleaning

As a sense organ your ears have a lot of nerve endings connecting to other parts of your body, particularly internal organs. That's why Asian ear cleaning is so relaxing and pleasant, like “intercourse for your ear”, we call it “eargasm”.

Don't miss out this wonderful experience.

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