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Why Does Ear Cleaning Feel So Good?

Ear cleaning is deeply rooted in the history of China, Japan, Vietnam, most Asian countries. Besides of healthy ears, it provides an amazing feeling and reduces stress.

As a sense organ your ears have a lot of nerve endings connecting to other parts of your body, particularly internal organs.

When you use Myearpick tools, the standard Asian ear cleaning kit, to trim ear hair, brush, sweep and massage ears, it produces soothing sounds and stimulating touches. That feeling transfers to every part of your body and makes you feel so relaxed, like “intercourse for your ear”, we call it “eargasm”.

Why Does Cleaning Your Ears Feel So Good

How to properly clean your ears?

When I grew up, I used to lay in my mum's lap while she was cleaning my ears. Now I do it for my kids, husband and parents.

It's a caring, bonding and intimate process.

How to Use Ear Cleaning Tools?

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