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Top 5 Ear Cleaning Methods Compared

Here is a reference chart comparing Myearpick tools with other ear cleaning methods, including over the counter drugs and other devices.

The large amount of expensive chemicals and other uncomfortable cleaning methods used by Westerners is largely due to incorrect cleaning at the first place.

  Myearpick Tool Set
Traditional Asian Ear Cleaning
Wax-dissolving agents
Injecting water into the ear canal
Ear Candling
Lighting paraffin coated tube
Cotton Swabs
Q-Tips or cotton buds
Effective Yes Yes Yes No No
Comfortable/ Relaxing Yes No No No No
Economical Yes No Yes No No
Hair Removal Yes No No No No
Instant procedure No No No No Yes
For small kids No Yes No No No

Ear pick users will not suffer from impacted ear wax, while cotton swab users eventually will, because cotton swabs push and compact the ear wax into the ear canal, causing pain, vertigo or tinnitus.

Not sure what your problem is or what method you should use? Contact your physician or otolaryngologist.

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