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How to Fashion an Ear Hair Trimmer Mini Blade

For trimming outer ear hair

Small blades for the shaver are crafted economically from a regular safety razor blade.

  • One Safety Razor Blade yields 6 mini-blades.
  • Use a new blade for each cleaning session.
  • Good quality razor blades work best.

Use a utility scissor to cut the blade to about the following size. Depending on ear size and user competence, the blade can be smaller or larger. For beginners I recommend the following size.

Mini Blade instructions

Mini Blade, approximate width and height: 3/8 by 1/8", 9 by 4mm

How to set the shaver's blade

Secure the blade by pushing it firmly into the shaver's slot by use of an edge, such as a piece of wood.

Adjust and remove the blade

Adjust and/or remove the blade by firmly pushing it against a sold edge.

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